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Are you looking for ways to run a successful business? If yes, you can give multi-channel retailing a try. With this, you will get an opportunity to list your products to different sales channels-both online and offline. Because customers use different channels to search for the best deals, you will get an opportunity to reach both local and global buyers, and this can lead to an increase in sales. Listings your items on sales channels does not only involve your online store. You can go beyond the store and look for other channels with massive traffic. Let’s have a clear view of the types of multi-channel retailing:

Social media.

Social media is a multi-channel retailing with an enormous number of customers. More customers visit social media as they believe that this is the best place to find reliable products at the right price. In particular,Facebook is a social media platform with millions of users. Hence, listing your products on Facebook will reach many customers who can purchase your products and increase sales. Other social media networks are Instagram and Twitter. There are those customers that visit this sites searching for reliable sellers.

Social Media

Online store.

Another multi-channel retailing that you need to give a priority is the online store. With this, customers will have an opportunity to know more about what you offer and who you are. Your great task will be to build a professional store that will convince customers that you provide high-quality products. It is in your store where you will have an opportunity to enhance customers’ experience. You can create a store that supports mobile device, one with integrated payment gateways, and one that will allow you to provide offers to customers. With the online store, you need not worry about how to drive traffic. You can create one with SEO feature to enhance ranking. Also, you can share it on social media and reach a massive number of customers.We recommend you to check out Shopify Plus, this platform allows you to launch and optimize sales channels across marketplaces, mobile, social, and even in real life, so your customers will be able to buy your products in any place.

Physical store.

A physical store is where you use brick and motor to run your business. To succeed in multi-channel retailing, you have to consider the physical store channel. It is vital as it gives customers an opportunity to interact with the products physically. They can touch, feel, and see the products to avoid purchasing the wrong ones. If it is a dress, the customer can try to fit it to see whether it is the right size.

Customers can make payments through cash, cards, or by use of the mobile device. As you are aware, a physical store is crucial for local customers and others who prefer having a physical interaction with the products.



Marketplaces will give you an opportunity to display your products to online customers and enhance their purchasing decisions. Some customers have a negative view of shopping offline. They view it as a tiresome task. Hence, they browse online to search for best products on different marketplaces. The marketplaces are crucial for your small business as they will market your products quickly. In particular, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy are some of the best marketplaces that have higher traffics.

Catalog channel.

As you are aware, multichannel retailing does not only involve selling online. You can as well sell offline to offer an opportunity for those customers who prefer this method. Catalogs are great as they enhance visual presentation. The process of using catalog channel is easy. You will prepare them and send to potential buyers who can place orders. There are essential details that must be in the catalog such as offers and their prices. With this, customers will have time to learn more about your products. You can easily send catalogs through electronic means such as sending an email to your customers or dispatching them on postal mails.


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