3 Must-Have Integrations In A Multichannel E-Commerce Platform

3 Must-Have Integrations In A Multichannel E-Commerce Platform

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The desire of a webpreneur is enhancing their sales and enhancing the customer experience. Customers will have recurring purchases on a business which shows concerns and dedication on their needs. Turning to multichannel e-commerce platform offers your business the opportunity for fulfilling these objectives. This option expands your customer base by opening new selling fronts. Also, it allows your customers to shop on their preferred platforms.

However, your success is not self-sufficient. Rather, it relies on several aspects that must support your dream of becoming a top seller. One of these aspects is integrations. Among the features availed on your platform, you must have integrations as one of the options to realize your goal and reach out to your target market. Here are 3 must have integrations in a reliable multichannel e-commerce platform:

Online Marketplace integration

Other than your online store, the next place customers buy a product from is online marketplaces. Customers will check on various products on these platforms before deciding to buy it on your site. For this reason, you need to shorten your customer’s process by running a channel on the online marketplaces.

Integrating your store with Amazon, Etsy, and eBay among other platforms is not optional if your sales level will surge. However, this can remain as a dream if your platform does not offer online marketplaces as one of the integrations. Always consider this option before making your multichannel e-commerce platform choice.

Social media integrations

It is unarguable. Social media is the new marketing currency in the e-commerce sector. Whether you are running a single channel or a multichannel retailer, social media is a critical tool in your marketing tool. Ranking second after the search engines in terms of users, ignoring it can be the best formula of your business fail. Also, social media stands out as the affordable business marketing option. In this essence, you must ensure your multichannel e-commerce solution allows you to integrate your store with social media platforms. Otherwise, success will be an ogre narrative in your business.

Payment gateways integrations

Are your selling your products or offering them for free?  Certainly, you are in business to earn a profit. Receiving payment from your customers marks the success of a transaction. Given that customers do not have an opportunity to meet you face to face, you need a way of enabling them to pay.

For this reason, payment gateways should be a priority in your multichannel e-commerce platform selection. You must enable your customers to pay you without any challenges.



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